shiny hair with castor oil


Castor oil works great to thicken thinning hair,several ways to treat the hair,all pretty easy too.there have been many reports our there that castor oil thickens and definitely conditions the hair and scalp.

there are several ways to use it for the hair.. as easy as a few drops in your shampoo and I do mean a few and shampoo as usual,or for scalp treatment wet hair and ,again light on the oil massage through the hair in scalp or even just the split ends and put a cap or towel on the head for an hour or so.wash as usual.this will help thinning hair and condition nicely,and oh help with dry itchy scalp.

But do go very lightly with the oil, as it is a heavy oil and it is frustrating in rinsing it out.

Wash it out with baking soda and shampoo .  This product  is amazing for scalp treatment , thinning and damaged hair, and it gives a nice shine to hair damaged from all of today’s gadgets.

There are some claims also that it naturally darkens the hair too,for those of us who may have some gray,good news but I cannot say that it definitely does that but it is powerful stuff.great for dry winter hair too!